Uploading from a Dragon 10 (android) to mbot


I’m trying to use a Dragon 10 for my students to code the mBot, but cannot upload. The Dragon 10 has a mini USB connector. I purchased an interface for mini USB to regular USB and tried to attached the Bluetooth dongle. It doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?


Hi ckerby13, I googled Dragon 10 but still not sure about which one you were talking about. If it’s an Android tablet, I believe that the USB connection of Bluetooth dongle is not going to work cause we are using mBlock App on Android, rather than mBlock 5 desktop software. So I think you can connect the mBot to the tablet via the self-contained Bluetooth inside the tablet, rather than the Bluetooth dongle connected to a USB port. If I understand it wrong, please tell me and send a video to show the problem to support@makeblock.com and we will help you there