Upload program via Bluetooth


I was wondering if anyone figured out a way to use the upload mode via Bluetooth. I found some stuff online, like this, but I wanted to see if it is possible with mBlock and the mBot.


Only Makeblock robot that supports this seems to be Codey Rocky,mBots don’t seem to be able to do that.


Both mBot and Codey Rocky, to upload code with usb cable, we need Makeblock official Bluetooth dongle.



a. Did you mean “without usb cable”?
b. is there a solution for working with tablets and the mBlock Android App? a bluetooth dongle with mini usb or something?


a. on pc software mBlock 5, yes, without usb cable, we can upload via Bluetooth +bluetooth dongle for Codey rocky and mBot.

b. on mobile app, mBot doesn’t support code uploading, and currently there is no plan to add this feature.