Upload Mode Broadcast - WIFI


Hi Makeblock,

It is possible to connect the Neuron blocks live, but would it be possible to upload the code to the WIFI block? Codey Rockey is possible but not Neuron blocks directly. I would like to use Neuron blocks without the Codey Rockey. Then we would need the extension: Upload Mode Broadcast

I agree that this is a big development but it is one of the Makeblock products that cannot communicate directly with others. This is the second time I have asked for it, but the only way to make standalone code is by a tablet. I love less.


Hi Crackel,
Do you mean you want us to add the upload mode broadcast to Neuron?


Hi Makeblock,

In the end, it’s the objective is to add the broadcast mode upload to Neuron. However, even if it is possible to develop on PC connect the bluetooth block, it is not possible to upload the code in the WIFI block … It’s sad.


I’m sorry for that but the Neuron protect team have discussed about it and they will not add the upload mode broadcast to Neuron.


So I will go through the Codey


Thanks for your understand.


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