Upload Mode Broadcast on Arduino Nano (Old)


It Doesn’t send any values from Nano (old) (Device in mBlock from Ablock) to mBlock with this extension. The same code work’s properly on Arduino Uno. Is there any bug or uncompatibility with this extension or device?! Other Codes in Upload Mode work properly.

Thank you.



Hi Davron:

Can you provide the ID of extension we’ll send it to our engineer to figure out the problem about nano board,and BTW, we suggest you use ths official extension to avoid compatibility problem.


ID of device: arduino_nano_old
ID of extension: arduino_broadcast

Thank you.


Have you tested the extension yet?!



We’ve feedback to our engineer and we test on our computer but everything is fine so please wait patiently


And please make sure your device has connected to the same WIFI network then they can send message to other device.


I wanted Nano to send the values by this Extension to the mBlock (with Serial Port, not WIFI). And after read it with sprite (with sprite Upload Mode extension). Can you test this scenario?!
Thank you.