Upload code on a Public school PC with protected C:/ -drive


This question is about a problem on a Public school PC

I have the mBot and the mBot Ranger running on all kind of PC / operation system.
Now I face a problem with downloading a program to the mBot on this Public PC.
On this PC a user can login and have their own Network storage space. The C:/ however is protected and hidden !

Everyting in Makeblock works, with USB communication and the Wifi/USB Dongle.
But uploading a code (over USB cable) not. It gives a error almost immediately.

Proces exited with an error: 1

In the first line of the arduino dialogue, is points at
C:\users… … \Appdata\Roaming… … \local store\scratchTemp\project_untiteled2_4.ino

My Question. Must mBlock / Arduino have acces to the C:/ -drive ?
Is this the cause of my problem, can I use a other location.
I used the most recent version 3.4.5

(I cannot install the software on every students Local drive …)


You may run the mBlock with administrator right have a try.
Or try install the mBlock software in non system drive such as D drive.


Ok.\ay, Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe I try that later. I think it must be an issue with administrator rights of our ICT enviroment.
What we do now is using the Wifi with dongle. This works very well and without cables.


I have a similar problem: I run a school network, and we have recently purchased a batch of mBot devices.
Our network policy has locked down student access to the AppData folder on all computers due to that being a common virus attack vector.
Is there a version of the mBlock software that doesn’t rely on access to this folder to build programs?
Giving students administrator access is not an option.
Thank you.


@NL_Michel and @jbarker:

Please try mBlock 5 beta. This version is designed with limited classroom privileges in mind. Please tell me how it works out and whether there are any other issues.


Thanks. That version works much better.
Not sure why the teacher chose to install v3 instead of the latest.


Because of the books. There are already many books written for mBlock 3, but for some underlying technical reasons, developers cannot make it work smoothly without privileges as well as fixing other issues. Thus there is mBlock 5.


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