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I updated my Neuron set.

The buzzer blocks, Gyro, Funny Touch, Servo Driver, Wifi and Led Pannel were upgraded.

Someone knows the changes?

The changes I noticed are for the camera with the reading of the emotions and
the connection to the WIFI block which I am not used to.


Hi Crackle,
New update improves some features for the previous firmware, especially for “off-line mode”. For example, buzzer can generate different tone, but previously it just generates sound. Gyro, funny touch now have more complicated interaction with other modules.


We all love your stuff but could you be so nice ang give us a little more informations. And what is the
“New ranging sensor”. Is it to buy?


Hi docsuper,
Any more information you are interested? May we have the details?
Or you can refer to official website to know more about each neuron modules:http://store.makeblock.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=131&status=new
As for “new ranging sensor”, may we know more details? What does it you referred to?
Among the neuron kits, only ultrasonic block can be used to detect distance/range.
Besides, here are some links for reference: http://neuron.makeblock.com/docs/en-us/logic-nodes/#compare-plus


super the reference: http://neuron.makeblock.com/docs/en-us/logic-nodes/

Thank you


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