Update mBlock 3 for 64bit mac version


As we know, for the next mac os (Catalina) all software must be in 64bit version, and the latest mBlock 3 (v 3.4.12) still in 32bit. So please update to 64bit.
Or someone please make hardware extension for arduino nano for mBlock 5.


NO. On Catalina mBlock3.4.12 is disabled. It not work.
please upgrade :disappointed_relieved:


Yup. Please upgrade to full 64gb!


Hi jalls & piersoft

We are sincerely sorry that we got incorrect info previously.
We have double confirmed with our engineer, unfortunately, it is true that mBlock3 doesn’t supported by the MacOS Catalina.
Currently, there is no plan to develop a 64bit mBlock 3 software. But we will develop a 64bit mBlock5 software, please keep an eye on it. Here is the link for downloadingcurrent mBlock5 software. Or you may use the web version mBlock5 temporarily.

Regarding the request of support Arduino nano on mBlock 5 software, the web version mBlock5 has supported the Arduino nano board. The next version mBlock 5 for PC will support this board too.@jalls


in mb5 there is no “robot” extension for Mbot …


What is the exact extension you need for mBot?


I’m talking about this extension



In mBlock 5, the display and design are different from mBlock 3.
You can add mBot from device library, and add extension like makers’ platform to get more blocks for sensors and modules.


:+1: Thank you!


thanks, first of all.
Also mBlock5 have errors with mac Catilina.
Offline version, when i try to send to arduino the code , give many errors becouse arduino inside mblock5 is still 1.5 (32bits).

online version is ok


Will feedback to the product team who will check and improve it.


Should I throw my mBot because I have the newest OS? It’s ridiculous. Please update mBlock 3 to 64bit I can’t prepare lessons for my pupils. mBlock 5 is absolutely awful and does’t work with Catalina too.


Sorry for the issue, please try mBlock 5 online version temporarily.


Mira lo que he subido te puede interesar.
He conseguido que funcionen todos los programas pero através de VirtualBox en Catalina.


Hi, due to Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020, whereupon mBlock 3 web editor that runs with Flash Player will no longer be available for browsers including Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, IE, Mozilla, etc. Besides, mBlock 3 Mac version will no longer work on macOS Catalina 10.15 and above since 32-bit app support is no longer available on any future macOS versions. If you need to use the Mac version, please do not to upgrade to macOS Catalina 10.15.


I use mBlock3 with a class set of 22 mBots at a time for a third of my design course in Grade 6. We work on Mac OS. mBlock3 is MUCH better at teaching them to think - mBlock5 gives them too much and doesn’t require the students to problem solve nearly as much. I haven’t even tried it on the newest OS because it simply isn’t good enough to use as a teaching tool with my students.

We continue to use mBlock3 with Arduino programming in Grade 7. mBlock5 is very difficult to use for basic Arduino introductory programming. The scaffolding is perfect. We are holding off upgrading our Mac OS on student laptops for now because of mBlock3 not being compatible with Catalina.

PLEASE upgrade mBlock3 to to be 64bit so we can continue to use it to teach effectively.


Hola sbarclay:

He subido un post en el que explico como hacer funcionar la version 3.4.12 en MacOs X Catalina mediante VirtualBox.
Funciona perfectamente bien, sin problemas.
He instalado una version educaciĂłn de Windows 10 en VirtualBox y como AnfitriĂłn utilizo Catalina.

Espero que sea de utilidad.