Up-to-date Maker platform parts catalogue, store?


There seems to be a general confusion of which Makeblock parts are current as many elements are discontinued but still available on an odd website somewhere. On the other hand many distributors don’t stock all the current/new parts.

Firstly, is there a place where one can check all the available parts currently in production? For example b2b.makeblock.com looks like that place as opposed to docs.makeblock.com that don’t list some of the products (e.g. V-slot Bearing).

Secondly, do you know of an on-line store that stocks all the parts (preferably in Europe)? Can I somehow sign up to your B2B site and order from there (as a company in EU)?

Thanks in advance.


This is technical support, we’ll check the sales issue and reply you later.


Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.


The department said will take over your case.


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