Unexplained failure


I used to engrave wood that is not an official material with laserbox, but even if I enter the correct thickness, the material hits the laser head and the engraving fails.
The same thing happened a week ago, but it was fixed by the correction.
But I don’t think the same mistake will happen twice, even though it hasn’t been too long.
How can I improve it?
By the way, about half a year ago, I burned the material and burned the belt and so on.
If it has anything to do with that, please let me know.


It seems to me that only the optic moves for focus the laser outlet stays fixed so I can only see 2 possible problems
1: the laser out tube is loose or has dropped
2: the wood is warped or too thick.
Hope this helps


Thank you.
Perhaps the laser tube is distorted.
The wood may be distorted, but it’s not a big distortion.
As I said earlier, I burned the laser equipment, which is probably the cause.
The parts to be replaced have already arrived, so we will replace them.


Does it smash into material immediately when a job is started or during the process? If it does it immediately then the Z-axis limit switch might be bad (I had this happen to me).


It’s not smashed, but the material hits the laser head and moves shortly after starting the job.


It could be caused by different reasons. Please try to replace the burnt belts and use official material to try if something similar happens. If not, let’s try another type of non-official material again. If it happens again with another non-official material, please provide more information about your operation and contact us at support@makeblock.com , we will create a new ticket for your case.


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