Unable to connect to mBot using BT dongle


The BT dongle appears in Windows as USB-Serial CH340 (COM7) . However when trying to connect, nothing happens.


@dhroller Are you following these steps?

  1. Turn on the mBot.
  2. Plug the makeblock Bluetooth Dongle into a USB port on your device.
  3. In mBlock 5, connect to the USB port you plugged the dongle into.
  4. Place the mBot near the dongle.
  5. Push the Bluetooth icon (button) on the dongle. The light will flash quickly for a while. If the light returns to flashing slowly, no device was found; if it turns solid and does not flash, the connection was successful.

After doing all that, create a code, go to ‘Upload Mode’, and upload the code to your device by clicking the ‘Upload Code’ button. Let me know if that helps you.


@dhroller Make sure that you have no other USB device (printer etc.) turned on at the same time - the dongle doesn’t like competition !


@dhroller what @CommandeR said is definitely true. :smiley: I have experienced that before. Usually, the mBot will flash and / or play a sound when connected to the dongle to let you know you are connected to it.


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