Unable to connect to Laserbox


Hi, we have just had a new Laserbox delivered but are unable to connect using the Laserbox software v1.1.5.

We have tried Network connection but the Laserbox does not appear to be requesting a DHCP address. When attempting USB connection with multiple different devices they all fail to connect.

O/S is Windows 10 v20H2 with the 9-21 updates applied.

Is there anything that I am missing, our technical contact is also stumped.

An urgent response would be appreciated.

Rod Jones


Hi Rod,

Where did you buy this machine? Could you share [some basic info](https://www.yuque.com/docs/share/37f4c39c-d7fb-46c5-8030-a3f539602194?# 《Operation Guide》) of the machine which will be helpful to analyze the cause.

Regarding to the connection issue, so the problem now is that both usb and ethernet connection not work? [Here is a complete troubleshooting guide](https://www.yuque.com/docs/share/7544421f-9854-4b08-808d-1daceecf6539?# 《Faild to connect Laserbox to Windows Computer via USB?》) for the usb connection failure on windows computer to you for reference first.

For further info, please send email to daisy@makeblock.com for faster communication.


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