Ultrasonic, tone etc disabled in live mode for Arduino Uno


The LIVE mode for ARDUINO UNO in mBlock 5 works very well! However I notice some blocks like READ ULTRASONIC SENSOR and PLAY PIN x WITH NOTE are turned off in LIVE mode. These blocks used to work in mBlock 3 LIVE mode.

Is there a plan to make them work in LIVE mode? If yes, when?

Thank you.


Hi, would you please send me a screenshot of PLAY PIN x WITH NOTE? I am not sure what this code is.



Hi chumbaka,

On mBlock 3 software, we can’t judge the live mode program block or upload mode program block. as far as I know, the program block for arduino uno board only works for upload mode on mBlock 3 software. While on mBlock 5 software, it support the online mode for arduino uno board, just some program block function is unable to be supported in live mode for arduino board currently.


Your answer is not correct. Arduino UNO works both in LIVE mode (by default) and also UPLOAD mode in mBlock 3.


Hi chumbaka,

Sorry for the confusion. I have confirmed with the engineer that these blocks won’t be supported in upload mode on mBlock 5 due to mBlock 5 use the third party library js which doesn’t support the particular pins.