Trying to use Gyro MPU6050 with mBlock - unable to find MeGyro Extension


Hello, I am trying to use the gyro MPU6050 in my block-based code. As per the link below, I should be able to use the ‘MeGyro’ extension but I cannot find this extension in the mBlock Extension window.

My question is - how can I use a Gyro like MPU6050 (or open to use another one) with mBlock software?


What device are you using (Arduino, mBot, etc.)


Arduino uno


Try just searching “gyro”…


I did, nothing comes up. Device selected is Arduino Uno. Am I doing something wrong?


Are you using mBlock online or PC?
Try restarting the application.


I am using the mBlock Windows application version v5.4.0. Interesting it doesn’t show up in Windows but I can see something in the web interface so this means the publisher only made it work for the web?

(this is how I see it on the web at


Yes, apparently the publisher made it only work for the web, or you need to restart mBlock.


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