Trying to make my mBot go to the loudest noise it hears


I bought some sound sensors today and
I am currently trying to make a program in which my Mbot is supposed to always move towards the loudest noise in the room.
I tried many ideas but none of them seemed to really work, could anyone help me out?
My two sound sensors are connected to port 3 and port 4.
Help would be highly appreciated!



Which sound sensor did you buy ?
Also 3 sound sensor would be nice for triangulation.


I own two of the “Makeblock Me Sound Sensor V1” Sensors.


I only have a mbot2, so I can’t help you programming the Me Sound Sensor. You should buy a third one for triangulation, I think its the only way to achieve what you want.

Edit : Check if you can connect 3 Sound Sensor on the mbot.


Hi User2928,

I found 2 “Makeblock Me Sound Sensor V1” sensors in my sensors.
I’ll see what I can do in the evening…



Are the sound sensors you used the type that can be plugged in to mBot, or are they an Arduino circuit / breadboard component?

If they are for an mBot, here is a code:

If that isn’t a very high quality image, try this one (the export code image function has messed up this image slightly):

This is how your mBot should be configured:


The sound sensors are the type that can be plugged in to the mBot, thank you very much!!!


Hey, @User2928, I’m glad to know that helped. If you need any more help, I’ll be here to support you!


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