Translate Extensions into German


Hello everybody,
I would like to translate some extensions to the Arduino Uno into German for my students.
How do I get other users’ mext files?
Is there a collection of different extensions for the Arduino Uno that I can download?
Thank you in advance

Uli A.


Hello UliA,

there are 3 Extensions (2 modified, 1 new) on my Homepage. You can download then from




I would like to translate the ESP32 extension into German. I cannot find it in Crowdin. How can I get the files for translation?

best wishes for the new year


Hi there:

Please click the link below and select your language to join the project



I know…
but I cannont find the ESP32 extension files there



You need to contact with Third-party developer to get the details about the extension


But how can I contact the developer?


Find the username of the person. It is in small print below the extension name. Then, search for them here:
If you can’t find them, let me know and I’ll try.


@clic I have found the developer: