Transfer functions or part of program between mBots


Hi everyone,

does anyone know how to transfer part of the project (for example some user created function), to the other project using mBlock 5?

Using mBlock3 it was possible using spirit export/import method.



The script export is quite simple with the right mouse button.

However, I did not find how to import the scripts that were exported. Makeblock may have the answer.


I found this option too. But just as you said, I don’t know what to do with exported file and how to import it back to another project?


Hi Crackel & zfabekov2d,

Here are steps to guide export the program through the Sprite and then import it through the Sprites:
Step one: Export your program through Sprite

Step Two: Import your program file Which you exported before:

Step Three: Copy the Program in Sprite mBot 2 to Sprite mBot (Right click on the program, select Duplicate and then drag the program to the Sprite mBot)
​ ​
Note: you can also use CTRL +C and CTRL + V to copy and paste the blocks.


Thank you very much. It works.


I’ll try the upload button

Thank you