Training program 4.7



We use the french version of m-block and have a problem with training 4.7.
Our Land Raider just do what’is writing but the application doesn’t accept our solution.
I suppose that the french instructions are not correct… Could someone give me the english instructions for this level (or the solution) ?

Thank you for help !


Hi, please refer to the screenshot below.

If the issue is the French translation error, could you let us know more details of it please?


Yes, it was à little error in translation.
Thank you very much for your answers (here and by e-mail) and for the correction already done in the application !


Hi All
We have the same problem than FrenchMother.
It seems that the french version of the Android App have again a translation problem at the 4.7 level for Mbot Ranger.
It tells us to turn left (“Tourner à gauche”), but the good move is to turn right (“Tourner à droite”).
If you could correct that, it should be helpful for other users :slight_smile:



Hi Tecyuel,
Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the issue caused.
This is a known translation issue, but as this app is quite old and there is no plan to do any improvement for this app. Users are suggested to use mBlock App for programming, and when use mBlock Blockly App (on android device, this (old) app also called mBlock), users are suggested to set system language as English.
Again, sorry for the issue caused.