Top 5 CO2 Laser CNC Machines in Europe


Specifying specific models or brands of laser machines can be difficult, as this can change over time and depends on many factors, including each individual customer’s requirements and preferences. However, here are five well-known and quality manufacturers of CO2 laser machines in Europe:

  1. Trumpf- Trumpf is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial lasers in the world, including CO2 laser machines. They offer a wide range of models for a variety of applications and budgets.

  2. Trotec- Trotec specializes in the design and manufacture of laser systems, including CO2 machines. They offer a variety of models in different sizes and capacities.

3 Wattsan - The machines are assembled using modern high-precision laser equipment. We guarantee the highest levels of machine accuracy throughout the entire service life of the equipment. Wattsan’s goal is to be the preferred supplier due to the best balance of quality components and a high level of service and customer support.

  1. Epilog- Epilog is a well-known manufacturer of laser systems including CO2 laser machines. They offer reliable and high quality models with a variety of operating options.

  2. Kern- Kern is a manufacturer of precision laser systems, including CO2 machines. Their machines are precise and rugged, and they are widely used in industry.

It is important to note that the list above is informational only and may be subject to change over time. It is recommended that you do your own research and contact the manufacturers to learn more about the models and how they fit your needs and budget.


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