Tips for cleaning the cutter


The life of a milling cutter is limited. Over time, the geometry of the cutting part can deteriorate - as a consequence, the machining quality decreases as well. However, even faster the cutter can become inoperable if the chip grooves get clogged. Resin deposits - a consequence of high temperatures on coolant particles - and sludge can also contaminate the milling cutter.

The spiral grooves of the milling cutter should be cleaned of coarse particles of chips and slag. However, this minimal procedure will not be effective because of the presence of invisible soot particles and deposits.

Since the soot and deposits are mostly organic in nature, it is recommended to clean the milling cutters with strong solvents:

  • And the soaking time in acetone (or other solvents) should be very long, which is not always convenient in intensive production conditions.
  • Sulfuric acid is a more “vicious” means for cleaning cutters. When cleaning with acids you must be extremely careful - acids are dangerous on the skin and corrode clothes!
  • Good results are also achieved with special liquids (e.g. kerosene, pipe cleaner “Mole” or even brake fluid). After a long soaking in such a solution the milling cutter reaches the desired degree of cleanliness.
  • Lighter, resinous deposits are quickly removed in a caustic soda solution - it is enough to dip the mill for 10-15 minutes and then remove the soft resin with a soft rag and wipe the mill dry.

How do you clean the milling cutter? Which machines do you have?


Thanks for the info, @AdeaBaku!


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