This week, three new features come to mBlock 5 for PC


(Currently the following new features are only available in English and Chinese. Other languages are coming soon.)

1、You can program Makeblock HaloCode with mBlock 5. Let’s enjoy a greater experience of IoT and programming! For Makeblock HaloCode Tutorials, please click

2、New blocks category, Climate Data, is now available. Open mBlock 5 to meet your personal weathercaster.

3、New blocks category, User Cloud Message, is also available. With this, you can easily sync data of your account across different devices and projects.

This update DOES NOT require a download if you already have mBlock 5 (MUST be RC3 or above versions) on your computer. Just open mBlock 5:

  1. Go to Devices, open the Device Library, then add Makeblock HaloCode;
  2. Go to Sprites, open the Extension Center, then add Climate Data and/or User Cloud Message. For detailed instructions, please click


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