Third Party Libraries Problem


I have the Adafruit_SSD1306_Library add source file in extension builder. The library quite big and got many files been uploaded. When I upload these libraries even I already try the solution for the issues, the errors are still coming. Hope who has experience facing this error could help me.


Hi there:

Can you provide your extension ID and information,we’ll feedback to our software engineer to figure out the problem for you,thank you.


My ID extension : ext_93acd9f2
Extension Name : Test OLED
Developer : haikalfadzli2305

Thank you for the replied. Hope u can solve and give the solution as soon as possible.
Thank you


OK,we’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible,thankyou.


Hi there:

Our engineer said your extension haven’t been uploaded so he can’t get file,and he said the PC version will not update for now but the web version can solve this problem,now he is trying to test this problem whether can be solve by web mBlock,can you upload your file directly or send it to,thankyou.


Hi there:

Please follow the instruction of image download the file and send it to ours Email,thank you.


Hi, my apologies for late reply due to I had to quarantine because of covid. I already e-mail you the file required. Thank you



Thank you for your reply,I’ll forward this email to our software engineer.


This is the problem of this reference path, the framed piece of code needs to be modified like this:
#include “Adafruit_SSD1306/Adafruit_GFX.h”


i see let me try…thank you