The previewed blocks don't follow the designed in the extension


Hello All,
This error appears in the last days.
The blocks showed in preview, doesn’t have the Dropdownds I set in Extension Builder.
And the Preview doesn’t show the Category Name, it shows the Category ID instead
Another issue is the Preview shows Block Opcode instead the Block Content
I attach one capture form the Extension Builder and one of the Preview

I appreciate your comments
Best Regards


Hi all,
It is fixed. It was a Translation problem

Thank you very much


I’m sorry, I have the same problem, but where can I fix it and how can I fix it?


Hi @dai5_jp,
You need to translate the worlds yu want to see, in your configured language.
You have to go to “Translation settings” ant complete de translations



I want to add Japanese to the translation language, but even if I press “日本語”, it is not translated into Japanese. What will you do if you add Japanese?