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Hi Everyone

Many Forum Members may not have come across this yet, but I was very pleased to recently discover that Makeblock now has a new and very much better help service for mBlock called ‘The Help Hub’. I can thoroughly recommend taking a look. This can be found on the recently revamped and now very professional-looking ‘Makeblock Education’ site using the following link:

This link will take you to a succession of clear and, for the most part, helpful web-pages; and these are highly recommended reading for all! Using this new facility, I have specifically started to explore the help pages relating to the ‘mBlock Extension Builder’; something that I have not used before.

The guidelines that it contains are good, but nevertheless are still quite hard to follow; and there is no easy navigation between the thirty-or-so pages of information; and there is in fact so much to absorb here that I had to resort to copying everything into a Word file, editing it to tidy it up a bit, and then printing it out for further reference. Currently, there are no examples available for viewing or downloading, so I am still struggling to work out how to actually programme any block sets that I create.

I really would like to input the .mext file for the ‘Maker’s Platform’ from the mBot Device Extensions Collection into the Extension Builder so that I can study how each of the blocks that it contains work.

Please could someone @tech_support post a link to the relevant .mext file in response to this topic.

In anticipation, many thanks

Lindsay Rooms


Hi @makeblock_product @makeblock123 @tech_support

Is anyone there reading this stuff?

I really would like to input the .mext file for the Maker’s Platform’ from the mBot Device Extensions Collection into the Extension Builder so that I can study how each of the blocks that it contains work.

A link to download the Maker’s Platform.mext file posted here would therefore be good - or is this ‘restricted’ information?


If you have mBlock PC, then you can find the source files for them and drag and drop them into the editor. You can also open them in extension builder and view the source. Some extensions have some pretty interesting code! If you need some help, just mention me as @Best_codes, and I will be available!


Hi @Best_codes

Thanks for your reply to my query - which was really aimed at Makeblock. I do have mBlock on my PC but I am puzzled by your suggestion that relevant source files can be found that can be opened in Extension Builder’s editor.

I have not seen any sign anywhere of .mext files or .zip files that might contain them. Similarly, there are no appropriate folders to be found inside the Extension Builder generated folder path: C:\Users\USERNAME\mblock\exts.

If you wish to reply again, then please could you be a little more specific in exactly where and how I can access & study files such as the requested Maker’s Platform.mext file.


You should be able to find some extensions by adding some while mBlock PC is open, then going to *C:\Users\USERNAME*

After that, find the mblock-avr (or mblock-arv, I don’t remember the spelling) folder, open it, then find temp, then build. Somewhere in build, there should be a folder that contains the temporary extensions you have added to mBlock PC.


Besides that, @CommandeR, here is a zip of an extension: (504.8 KB)

You can ask me to send you more extensions too, I have plenty saved to my computer. As for the online source of extensions for, I don’t know where they come from.




Hi Best_codes,

I had started an Arduino extension to make Morse to create a complete tutorial. I have a few blocks completed but wanted more example to add decoding and other functionality. Do you have examples of .mext because my biggest challenge is to save information in memory in order to use the information between my blocks. Example :

S.O.S.; Uses the speed of InitSpeed;


More example and my tutorial will be better…


Hey, @Crackel, this topic was started by @CommandeR and your question is not completely related to his topic. I will answer you here, but please consider starting your own topic, and we can discuss it there instead.


OK, please give me a more detailed description of what your extension is supposed to do. What do you mean by “saving information in memory”, what exactly does this extension make the Arduino do, and what will the Morse Code be stored in (a variable, an array, a file, etc.)?

Thanks for your time,