The Camera is still Skewed and not able to rectify after calibrations, uninstalling and reinstalling


I need to have this rectified urgently as I just took on my first home assignment of a wood name Card cutting and engraving.

everything was going fine until about 200 tries later to perfect the engraving.

I finally perfected the namecard sizing and all and now it skewers.

Already unplugged after uninstalled and reinstalled and re plugged wires but still the same.


Hello, I can not open your link, it seems that I have no authority to access. Can you share the authority for me?


Hi I just gave the access to


Hello, vlee0207,
Thanks for the pictures. For this case, it is suggested to do a Secondary Calibration: and here is the video guidance:


still not good. the calibration done still jagged


Hi, here I write an easy intrusion, you can download it and have a try. Please note that to power off the Laserbox temporary, it is not supporting with the offline (689.5 KB)


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