Temperature Humidity Sensor


I’m using MBlock version 5 (the latest available). I have 2 problems with the Temparature/humidity sensor.

  1. I always get a temperature of -0.06
  2. I do not know how to capture the “humidity” as there is only a command related to Temperature and not to humidity

Can anyone help?


Hi there,

  1. Do you have another module for test? In online mode or up
  2. Did you use below block:



  1. yes I’ve tested several other modules and they work fine
  2. I did not use the block you mentioned (and I guess this is the problem) because I do not have it. In my version (mBlock 5.1.0 for Windows) I have only the following block
    with “slot 1” “slot2” but no possibility to choose between humidity and temperature.
    I do not have (in the gizmos extension) a block called “humiture”


Please go to extension->Makers Platform. If there is a download icon, please download it first and then restart mBlock 5:



No, that’s not it.
Please select this extension.


Hi. There is any extension for Arduino UNO? I have tried several, but I can not read neither temperature and humidity.