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I’ve seen a couple of posts about this but haven’t found the answer yet. I built the talkative pet robot dog add on and installed the sample program using mBlock 5.2.0 on PC (Win10). The mBot wags the tail and “dances” but does not respond to commands and there is no audio. It only dances until we turn it off.

The small LED on the Me Audio Player does turn on (red) but beyond that, it doesn’t seem to be working at all.

In mBlock, all audio blocks are greyed out so we cannot access them. As a result we haven’t been able to test the Me Audio Player in any way. So far, everything else on the bot seems to be working.

Any solutions?


Hi mscottleonard,

You mentioned that Me Audio Player blocks are greyed out, do you use the mBlock 5 software as well. If yes, please pull the mode switch to Upload mode side. Here is the picture to show the blocks for the me audio player.

Besides, do you mean there is totally no led light up on the me audio player when the robot is powered on? If yes, please try the following suggestions:

  1. Replug the RJ 25 cable between the me audio player and the mCore board.
  2. Change the RJ25 cable for connecting the me audio player and the mCore board .
    Here is a picture to show the red led on me audio player when it is power on, please also double check if this led.


Hi! Thank you for the prompt response.

  • The LED works, so the RJ25 cable is OK. The red LED lights up all the time. A blinking blue LED on the front also lights up when the program is playing.

  • but still no sound

  • The upload works. I made a test program and uploaded into mBot. The test program has servo and audio, but only the servo moves. I can see the blue LED blinking but there is no sound.

  • I am using mBlock 5. latest version

Here is an image of my test program:



Hi mscottleonard

It looks like there is problem in the program, please try upload this program to the mBot:

Please note: you need start recording when mBot light red and stop recording when the mBot light green. There are three seconds for you to record according to the program.


This works. Thanks!


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