Talkative pet addon - module not working



I bought the talkative pet module for my mbot and want to test it. For this I build up the dog robot and loaded the example program. After uploading it to the mbot, there is much action on the robot, but no sound. I use the delivered battery holder with a freshly loaded 18650.

Following things I have tested now:

  • creating a own program with initialization, volume setting to 100 and playing a sound -> no success
  • connecting the module (without any connection to the RJ45) to USB on my computer. It seems there will be data volume and a soundcard. If I want to play a mp3 found on the inserted SD-Card (original), there is no sound.

Is there a mistake I do? Can I test the module in some way?


mBot Talkative Pet Addon - Robot Dog No Sound

Hello, it is too weird, do you have any video or screenshot about this issue?

Here I send you a link:
You can try to download the file and upload the program to test the Player:


this is the program I tried first. After this I found which is not working, too. Every program results in much action of the model (moving wheels and the tail of the dog), but no sound. That is why I tried to program a basic program as mentioned above and after this the connection between the module and my laptop with USB. The connection to my laptop results in installing a mass storage device and a sound card. The sound card is not working.


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