Talkative pet: 18650 battery holder not included


a few days ago I received the talkative pet Add-on pack. The official part list here
includes a 18650 battery holder. My package does not contain one. And I did not find an instruction where to “officially” install the holder to the mbot chassis.

  1. At present I am using 4x AA eneloop accus to operate mbot - works well. If I would insert the cable of the additional 18650 holder into the white plug next to the barrel plug for the 4xAA, only one battery pack will be used at a time. Eventually the 18650 will be used only after the 4xAA is empty. So do I need the 18650 at all, except for longer run time?
  2. Do all other talkativePet users use it WITH the 18650 battery?
  3. Can makeblock supply me with the missing batt holder?

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Hello Mcmusic, please forward this message to , we will open a new ticket for you can help you to solve it