SVG Resize issues


Hello, can someone help me? I got this really informative material test burn template that I wanted to try I opened it up in Adobe Illustrator, and Everything looks normal

I change everything I want to make the text become an outlined object and export it as an SVG

After exporting the file I open the SVG resize the application from Xtool

and change the dimensions to what they were in illustrator

The problem is when I import the file into lazerbox basic it will not allow me to change just parts of the template to cun and others to engrave it is an all or nothing selection all cut or all engrave the project size is correct but I cant change the parts I want to cut or the parts I want to engrave

if I just export the files as an SVG and don’t use the resize program I can select the individual units and change them to cut or engrave but the size is wrong


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