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Hi Makeblock, it would be helpful if you could look at the issues that different users report to you, or is the Laserbox just a selling story? It is annoying if we aren’t heard, and I suppose it won’t take you long to reply or fix the issues, and you will get a perfect Q&A for new users joining the forum. Regards!


Hello eigermaker,

I have been on the forum for a really long time and have noticed that there is less intervention from Makeblock. When he did intervene he was always very well. I speculate that Makeblock wanted to create a forum that worked with the help of the community. However, even though I have Neuron kits, mBots, Halocodes and a Codey Rockey, there are more and more products and some are quite expensive.

Makeblock should recruit moderators and send them certain products. In this way, the forum will be able to answer the question more quickly and the satisfaction should increase.


P.-S. Me, I really liked participating in Neuron issues.


Hi Crackel

Thank you for your reply. At least one user that is also active… do you own a Laserbox as well? I’d love to get in touch with other Laserbox users, but this forum doesn’t seem to be the right place for it. I’ll address issues directly to the support staff through requests.

I only knew the mBots before, the rest of Makeblock products would be new to me. What can you recommend?



I unfortunately do not have a Laserbox because it is my personal money. However, I have a lot of Makeblock product … The Neuron, mBot, Codey Rocket and Halocode.

Personally I think that:
Neuron: for teaching (expensive) and the Neuron app is different from the mBlock app. The blocks are well built and super beautiful.
mBot: It’s correct and scalable but the basic kit is limited.
Codey: Better than mBot but I would be afraid to leave it unattended because the mBot can be repaired easily and inexpensively.
Halocode: The most creative and my favorite because I have a lot of creativity. I am cheating a bit with Arduino parts but if I had the money I would use mBuild. If the Halocode breaks, it’s super small to fix it.

P.-S. With the Kickstarter, Makeblock will probably pay attention to the Halocode. It seems to be the year of Halocode.

I continue to assert that without a life on this forum, Makeblock products will create a bit of frustration. However, once in contact the direct support is super good. They have answers to almost everything.

Message for Makeblock, it is mandatory to bring life to this forum because no teacher or user will want to participate.


I sometimes find sending them an email to the support email address is more likely to get a response than on this forum.


I also believe that direct support is more effective. Makeblock has always answered my questions.
However, Makeblock support was no longer present a year ago.

There may perhaps be an explanation and there may be something else for us.


I wrote to but didn’t get any response yet. Seems kind of strange. Let’s hope the Laserbox works as long as possible without the need of any support.


@Crackel I’d like to see some of your halocode and diy mbuild experiments. I’ve been trying to reverse research those mysterious side pins…


Hi Professor Hu,

I really did a lot of experience with Halocodes, my daughters even managed to break an LED. I made night lights, a homework help button, treasure hunts, AI projects, and traffic lights. My biggest problem is the finish. I don’t have a Laserbox and I’m still waiting for the mBuild.

Currently, I use AliExpress motors and servo motors but I believe that the mBuilds would allow me to do the experiments more easily without the risk of breaking my Halocodes. I have 4 halocodes, 1 of which has one less LED.

My favorite is the homework help button. My daughter can call me from the top of the house when I am in the basement. I even try between 2 houses, it works fine.

For the projects, I didn’t take a picture but if you need help, I remain available.