Supplied Files won't Cut correctly


I am a new user and we just tried out our machine for the first time today using the sample coded materials and the preset supplied projects, but were extremely disappointed when they didn’t cut correctly (Cut where it was supposed to engrave and engraved where it was supposed to be cut). Is there a setting that we need to adjust, if so what is it? and why would the plug and play sample projects not cut correctly?

We would also like to know where we go to select/change lines to either cut or engrave a project.

Thank you


Lower the laser power for engraving(presets use way too much) and for cutting try slower speeds and higher power.


Thank you.
Is there a Guide to ideal speeds/power for each standard material that we can use as a reference?


Not sure if there is anything like that for Laserbox,but usually engraving is done at high speeds and low power (I usually use 1% power and 100% speed) and for cutting low speed and high power (for example 100% power and 12% speed for 4mm wood). Try cutting out small shapes like squares and adjust settings accordingly to how the test pieces look(you can’t break anything here,if it’s too fast it won’t cut through and if it is too slow then it’ll probabbly leave really burned edges).


before you make the machine work,you need to set the lines which part to cut,which part to engrave.meanwhile you should also set the material type.