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Difficult to explain: Here is the latch. It equals true when the condition is ok. However, it stops the flow of the sensors as long as the condition does not change state. From this example, once the temperature is higher than 30 degrees, the sensor signal will ignore until it goes down to other value (eg 25 degrees). There is a reset to reactivate the signal received by the sensors. With the reset, it is possible to use another sensor to reactivate the sensor reading which is ignore.

This new instruction would be very useful to me.
The statement remains true even if the toggle is false.

Otherwise an instruction that memorizes the state. So, it’s true, the instruction fix true but the instruction ignores all except a false answer. When the temperature rises a second time, the instruction sends true.


Here is a relay so that the program is more beautiful. Just to relay the value.

  • Value 0 or 1
  • Value of a sensor: Ex. 30 degree
  • or more

  1. Directories to classify our experiences because I have 3 people using it.

  2. The blocks should be accessible but of a different color when they are not nearby or connected

  3. Maybe the posibility to reverse the instructions and blocks for a writing from right to left or from left to right.


Hi Crackel,

We have provided feedback to our engineers.
Thanks for all your suggestions on the neuron APP.


NEW Feature: Display

A) Now it works like this
B) If no text, should have the same behavior of the off-line mode. The icon with the sensor value

Note : Now, to display example B: It a text statement with the icon + a Merge statement
Note : Otherwise, it only displays the icon


NEW Feature: Display

Add options in the block display (scroll down, scroll up, scroll right, and left scroll)


NEW Feature : Camera

  • Video recording during X seconds
  • Send image as SMS ou Mail
  • Image capture or motion video in a particular area
  • Add information about the image (sensor block, instruction text…).
    Selectable color and position (center, top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left)


NEW Feature: LED Panel

  1. Option for Image Rotation in the application.
  2. Option to display an image with a rotation

Project : Light to cross the street (Help)


For better code reading: Add a statement CASE



An instruction to make music ???

Musique (Buzzer)
IOS Application Neuron - Version 1.3.4

Hi Crackel,

You can make music like this way (connect each note one by one:

Note: need add a switch at the front of the first note, when you turn on the switch, it will play the notes one by one.


I had to use a sequence instruction.
You example works fine but placing notes on a score would result in a more compact code.


Yeah, your idea does result in a more compact code, thanks for your suggestion, we will convey it to product team.



I would like to propose to MakeBlock to include a possibility to import and export the code of our experiments. This would be useful for sharing experiences or creating a start code for students.


Thanks, Crackel,

Your idea has been forwarded to our team. There is possibility to add this function but it won’t be fast. Please kindly wait.


It’s just a suggestion … Thank you



Suggestion for the Neuron application.

Add a Power Block that would:

  1. to know about the block is powered by the USB or not;
  2. to know how much is left on the battery;
  3. to cut off the power supply;

More possibilities with experiences


Hi Crackel,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have record it and will provide feedback to the Neuron app team for further assessment.


Hi MakeBlock,

Is it possible to add this feature to the Led Strip block?

Depending on the number transmitted to the Led Strip block, it would be interesting if the LED corresponding to the number lights up with the correct color.

It’s just a suggestion.


Hi Crackel,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have record your suggestion and will provide to neuron team for assessment.