Suggestion: Hint for viewing/editing micropython code in UI



I’ve been trying to troubleshoot some code I wrote in mBlock 5, and found it very difficult to figure out how to view and edit the micropython code directly. Turns out it is only possible to view/edit the micropython code when I’m in “upload” mode, even if no CyberPi or mBot2 is connected, which took me way too long to figure out.

Suggestion: make the “</>” button greyed out when “Live” mode is toggled, or include some other hint that you need to select “Upload” mode to view and edit the micropython code.

Screenshots attached.


Oh, thank you very much. I didn’t understand how to get the Python code from the blocks. I clicked on the “Python” tab but it was just empty.


Good idea! I hope they will add the feature!

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