Suggested material settings


Dear Forum Members,
I wonder if there’s a document related to suggested material settings for Laserbox? I see there’s presets for certain materials and thickness. There’re a lot more to use. It would be awesome if there’s a suggested power and speed for a whole list of thickness and material type PDF document.

Or I appreciate if you can share your best settings under this thread, so we can compile a document for the the community.


Here’s the Google Docs. document you can add your settings to contribute. Thank you in advance.


Started adding too your list but you need to add some more options like NUMBER OF PASSES and CUTTING OR ENGRAVING. It’s a good idea though.


Thank you very much for your contribution and suggestion. I’m pretty new, so your feedback is valuable. I’ve made changes based on your suggestion.


You could also add a THICKNESS setting for the focus, I found that when cutting 6mm plywood it cut better focused at 5mm, also this can be used when engraving to produce smoother edges that fade out rather than hard lines. You just need to find a way of explaining the settings clearly, like pop up boxes.


I’ve learned so many things already, thank you. I’ll make the changes to the document.
Have you had any experience engraving on a slate or marble I can’t see any presets. I appreciate that if you could share your experience.

or cutting/engraving leather.

thanks all.


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