Stuck on activity 8-6


Hi all,

my son received the mBot a few days ago, and has been following the tutorial activities (in French).
We are stuck on activity 8-6, most likely due to a translation error, since the text is exactly the same as activity 8-5 (and we found many other translation errors along the way, each time I was able to deduce the correct text), but we cannot get it to work. I tried various (many) combinations, with no result.

Here is the text in French, if it helps : “Chaque fois que la distance de l’obstacle < 10, le mBot allumera le voyant vert, puis jouera une note une fois”. (But note that it is most likely incorrect).

Can anyone help, if simply by giving me the text in English ? (I cannot find it, or change the language settings)

Thanks a million for your help!



Hi Lucile,
Sorry for the issue caused. With this App, some translation is wrong, please try with English version.
To change the language, we can simply change the phone system language to English, then restart mBlock App, it will show us English.


Thanks! It worked!


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