STM32 boards - mBlock


Hello World!
i wonder why mBlock don’t support stm32 boards although it has unlimited amount of boards! is it possible ?


Hi say,

Makeblock supports STM32 in Halocode and CyberPI but they only support their products. It’s a bit like LEGO. LEGO does not support Arduino boards, CyberPI, Halocode, etc. because they don’t make money with competing products.

Unlike LEGO, Makeblock goes much further by opening up the mBlock development platform to any Arduino board that independent developers want to support. There are dozens of different pads and the limit is dictated by the involvement of independent developments.

P.S. I, too, am waiting for a well-made STM32. I have already used the following device with one of my cards without problem but I do not succeed with others…