Starter Kit Robot not able to avoid obstacles


I am a teacher and I have just bought a Starter Kit Makeblock Robot.

I tried to write a simple program to avoid obstacles, but it seems that the ultrasonic sensor is not recognized. When I display ultrasonic sensor distance, it always is 400, no matter of the location of the obstacle.
I have read this comment below and I noticed that on the mainboard there is only red light ( Bluetooth version).

Can anybody help me with this problem?

By default, the lights on the mBot’s mainboard are green when in obstacle avoidance mode. If not, you are not in the correct mode. You can switch mode by pressing the black button on the mainboard or by using the IR remote controller.


Hi Laura, a FAQ for your reference :The example program to test if the Ultrasonic module is working (20.8 KB)

Any problems, you can record a video for us to show how did you test it.


Thanks! I have tested in the 3.4.11 and I updated the firmware. Now it’s ok.
I have another question.
In a mblock5 version (Windows Os), I don’t find the right device. I have chosen the mBot, but it informs me that device is not compatible. I can’t coonect by Bluetooth and I can’t transfer the code to the robot (upload). Although if I connect serially, it works. Although, from here I can’t update the firmware.
My question is that if the Starter Kit Robot works only from 3.4.11 version or it’s a way to work in the new mbot5 version?


Hi, Makeblock 5 is not supporting Starter.


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