Start block without "runArduino"


when I create a new start block I need to include “runArduino” otherwise my customized blocks do not work. But with “runArduino” a lot of code is included to my arduino code that I do no really need, because I don’t want to program a motor. How can I create a useable start block without this code?

This is include with “runArduino”:

MeDCMotor motor_9(9);
MeDCMotor motor_10(10);
void move(int direction, int speed)
int leftSpeed = 0;
int rightSpeed = 0;
if(direction == 1){
leftSpeed = speed;
rightSpeed = speed;
}else if(direction == 2){
leftSpeed = -speed;



Hi Marion,

same question here Extension for LittleBits-Arduino - Plain code sketch at beginning?

I’m looking for a solution, where i’ll have a “plain” Arduino Sketch at the beginning in the arduino-mode.




You need to select Board -> Arduino to avoid generating boilerplate code. That means, the same “runArduino” will produce Arduino code without this MeDCMotor stuff.

Also please keep an eye on mBlock 5. The extension system will be released in the next few months. And that will be much less confusing.


Hi bigeyex,
so easy, if you know what to do.