Speed Setting


What is the speed at 100% ?



Hi Joerghmaier, can you be more specific? Actually I’m not sure how to understand the question


the speed in the software is only in percent. But what means the in mm/sec.

is possible to defocus the the laser ?

if I want to engrave acryl . if i only engrave I have much more setting features …
if cut and engrave much less .

why ?


I don’t think the translate is the right, my friend, I still cannot get your point. You can describe the question in your own language and I will use the Google Translator


I have the same question!

@tech_support since the speed settings are shown as a percent ( % ) only, we have no way of knowing what actual speed we are using. We want to know, is the minimum and maximum ‘actual’ speed.

Is 0% = 0 mm/s (millimeters per second), and 100% = 300 mm/s ??


what i found out is
100% 600mm/sec


Hi thetattoolady,

We are confirming with our RD engineers and will let you know asap.


Hi thetattoolady,

Here is the explanation for the speed setting:
For the laserbox first generation and laserbox pro. The maximum cutting speed is 4000mm/min and the maximum engraving speed is 16000mm/min. In the laserbox software, if you set the cutting speed as 50%, then the actual cutting speed is 4000mm/min *50%=2000mm/min; If you set the engraving speed as 50%, then the actual engraving speed is 16000mm/min * 50%=8000mm/min.


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