Speaker Extension


The animal sound and the transportation sound do not work in the speak extension. Other sounds work just fine.


This is for the mBuild speaker on halo-code I am assumning?


The speaker in the AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack for HaloCode & CyberPi pack.


Click the block. What value does it return in live mode? You may have to re upload files to the speaker.


Check out the docs here:
And the preset files here:


The iNodes for the file system are at 100%. So you cannot add the files to the storage unit.


It has 16gb of space on it. Have you used it all? @HTH


You cannot use the space if the iNodes are at max. I know I have plenty of space but for some reason the disk file system iNodes are at max.

I am considering reformatting the storage unit.


What do you mean by iNodes? As far as I am aware, the device is not in that format…

You can format the device and re-upload the default files from this URL:

The supported file format is mp3 by the way.