Sound sensor, MBot


im currently working on a MBot, and i bought a sound sensor to accomplish my idea of making it light when it hears a near voice but it dosent seem to work. Can you help me accomplish this idea? im using Mblock program the newst version so far.


Which port is the sound sensor connected to?
Can I post a screenshot of the program?


it is on port 3


The program is that the LED shines when the volume drops below 50.
You must be like this photo.
The block of sound sensor port3 volume (hereinafter abbreviated as volume) is in the makers platform extension. This block has the same function as sound sensor port3 loudness (hereinafter abbreviated as loudness).


thanks ill give it a try tomorrow and ill be back :heart:


Can you please elaborate what you mean? Cause I did the exact blocks in the picture you sent and its not working. Please help.
When I uploaded the blocks into the robot the lights are always on (The red light).
One last question, what if it doesnt respond to the sound?


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