Some questions about the Me 130 DC Motor (mBot Ranger)


I am working on a smart home project using the mBot Ranger, and I want to activate the “Me 130 DC Motor”. To trigger the motor, I have used the “ME Dual Motor Driver V1” as an adapter to connect to my mBot Ranger.
The hardware part seems to be working fine. However, I am using mBlock 5 (desktop version) to code (in block mode). I have used some blocks in the “Maker Platform” extension.

The fan still cannot turn on, does anyone know the solution? thx a lot!


@Eric.L You can try this:

Also, make sure you have selected the correct port. Is your motor driver plugged in to port 1 or port 6?

Good luck!


Nah, as for me, mBlock 5 is not very comfortable to work in


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