Smartservo do not worki.g on Arduino IDE 1.8


What a pity.
I have just received a pretty blue smartservo.
I connected it on a UNO board.
I have downloaded the library from the guithub…
The RGB sketch is wonderful and works.
UNFORTUNATELY no motion of the smartservo.

Please do you have any tutorial.
I do not want to use makeblock IDE…

I am looking forward to reading you about this smartservo.
Philippe Mocquard


Do i need to used Auriga.h library even if i only use the Arduino IDE?


can you provide more info about the servo?.

Does it look like this:


He is probabbly talking about this one,since it’s the only Makeblock servo that has RGB lights


Also it seems someone had the same issue and they were able to solve it this way Smart servo MS-12A not working with Arduino


Thanks Bleky,
You’re right.
It is the ms-12a smart servo.
It seems i have the same trouble.
Anyway all my attempts were without success.



Have you maybe tried the link above? Did those instructions work or it still does nothing?


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