"smart servo" vs. "servo"


Can someone explain tome what the “smart servo” is?

When using the servo block only the command “servo 1 rotates to xxx degrees” works with my Neurons.
When I try to use any “smart servo …” command nothing happens.

Is it a separate block, or what I have to do in order to make these smart servo commands running?

Thanks in advance.


ok the servo is just a normal hobby servo where you can control the position over an 180 degree range.

The smart servo has it’s own processor on the servo that controls the motor and sensors on the motor. Your main board doesn’t control the smart servo but rather communicates with the processor on the smart servo and tells it what it wants the smart servo to do then the processor carries it out.

The smart servo is capable of much more than a hobby servo. The smart servo and turn any degrees including multiply full rotations. The smart servo you can control the speed at which it turns. The smart servo can provide feed back like what’s it’s current position and speed as well as temp and current loading (how much the motor is bogging down).

The smart servo’s are also chain able. For a hobby servo you need a sperate cable for each servo but the smart servos just chain together all on the 1 cable going from 1 servo to the next.

The smart servo’s also have a lot of torque compared to a hobby servo.


Thanks for the explanation.
I wonder if there is a Neuron e-block with the smart servo functionality.
I understand that the two servos in the box are rather the “normal” (dumb) ones?



There are resources on the Makeblock site. Just clicked Neuron as a filter.



I use the smart servo on the ranger. I believe it was originally designed for the MakeX comp platform the NoviPi.

They are basically MakeBlocks version of the Dynamixel servo AKA a smart serial servo.

The smart servo performs best being driven of 12v.

I use several smart servos on this project https://fb.watch/6frs_Zsjhf/ This is a robot I ran in a comp and won gold. The robot detedcts being at the top of the climb by reading the current the smart servos are drawing, when it hit the top and jams then the current goes up so I stop climbing and shoot the grappling hook. Same with the smart servo that winds the grappling hook in, when the servo’s current goes high then I know the line has pulled tight and to let go with the arm and drive on top.


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