Smart Camera code


Where can I find the C code for the Smart Camera Mblock support I have been using with the Mbot so I can use it with the Arduino IDE.


Hi bwong, sorry we don’t have this kind of support at the moment


That is too bad. This code should really be available on Github. It seems that a lot of the Makeblock code is outdated. This makes it hard to support the platform especially as students become more adept at using the system.

I did find a way to get it though. It is brought into a cache when you compile and upload a project. You can then copy the files to a more permanent location.


I am very interested in knowing more about the smart cam myself.

I have found there is an extension for the smart camera for mBot ranger that uses Ardunio C code

I too would like to be able to find the Ardunio C code behind these blocks to better understand how to use the Smart Camera.

The blocks seem to plug into ports 6 to 10 which makes me think they are I2C communication but looking at the schematics of the CyberPi the mBuild ports seems to be an addressable UART protocol the same as the smart servos that I use from the Dragon Knight kit that I have.

Questions that I have:

  1. Does the smart camera have both I2C and UART coms??
  2. If I wrote my own code for Mbot ranger could I use the Smart Cam on port 5??
  3. Will the python source code for the CyberPi to drive the smart cam become publicly avaiable as open source?? and will the Arduno C code also become public avaiable as open source too??


Can you tell us the location of this cache? This seems to be a great general method to get at the C code and a better understanding.