Single and dual digital interface


What is the meaning of single digital interface and dual digital interface. and what is their difference?


The connector has several wires in it and and communicate with the device that is plugged into it in several ways (UART, I2C, analog, digital). There is 2 digital wires as part of the 6 wires in the plug, devices may only need to use 1 of the 2 wires or some devices need to use both of the 2 digital wires.


can you tell me why line follower sensor has dual digital interface while ultrasonic sensor has single digital interface. Is it because line follower has 2 sensor’s on it ? and I am new to the words UART and I2C can you explain.


Yes the line follower has 2 sensors and the ultra sonic senor only has 1 wire to operate the 1 senor


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