Showing Current Time


Hi Group
I am using mBlock 5 and am trying to show the current time on the LED Matrix.
Previously there was

But I cannot find the equivalent?
Any help would be gratefully received.
Thank you


Hello MrsW, if you were using mBot on mBlock 5, you can add Maker Platform extension and find the equivalent here:

Hope this could help you


Thank you very much. Will this show the current time or the figures put in?
Sorry for my ignorance, I am just learning.
Appreciate the help :slight_smile:


You are welcome~It shows the figure which you put in


Hi Mrs W

You may find my book mBot & Me vol. I of some value. You can download this from Makeblock Education at:


Thank you for the link, I am downloading it at the moment.


Thank you. Is there a way to show the current time?


Not really except manually putting it in, LOL