Should I add a second rod to a bigger plotter?


I’ve made a double size plotter using bits from the original MakeBlock plotter and other stuff I’ve bought. I near to switching it on but I have a question which someone here might be able to answer (or send me to a forum which could answer it).

The x-axis has two belts. One connected direct to the motor and one connected via a rod. Should I add a second rod at the far end to keep the motion smooth/correct/something? I’m worried that since the rod is long it may twisct causing the “other” belt to drag.

(I’ve just noticed that the rod seems bent. I stood on a chair to take the photo, I’d better check it really isn’t bent!)


From a mechanical perspective, I’d add the end rod and I’d suggest adding some support brackets to prevent the sort of bending you are seeing in the picture. :slight_smile: