Shipping the laserbox


Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a laserbox (5 days ago). I was wondering how did it took for you guys to receive your items.

Thanks in advance



It depends on where you are from. I’m from the US and it took about 1 week or so to get here


Yeah I’m here in Virginia.

I got a message two days ago to confirm my address but after that it has been radio silence. I wonder if they send you a tracking code or one day it just appears at your house.


Where did you order from, was it Xtool? They do go pretty quiet, they ship from China and mine took about 10 days.


I thought xtool was the only place to order it from. I ordered it from xtool on the 31st.


Hi Finishingtouchtx, I checked that you have been communicating with our colleagues from branch in US discussing about being a distributor of Laserbox, which is nice and we are very glad to know that, also we will provide you everything we can to support you.

However, it’s not proper to post commercial ad in this forum. This is a pure area where users and enthusiasts communicating about tech issues, sharing new ideas, providing suggestions which they can help each other, hence I don’t think it’s nice to post any ad here, not to mention that your suggestion to cancel orders from xTool even in Makeblock’s official forum, it’s ruthless. Therefore I deleted your post, and I’m gonna delete this one soon as well. Feel free to contact us if you think this is inappropriate, we are open for any opinions.


I think he was trying to help the community not take advantage of the situation. I do understand your point but I don’t think he was employing ruthless business tactics. He is excited for the community and was trying to help.
Thanks you


Hi Horaciorivas, for your order, it was placed on 1st, Jan. From 1st to 3rd, there are three days new year holiday which nobody is working. On 4th, we sent confirmation mail to you, got your confirmation on 5th, arranged order on 6th, prepare the package on 7th and sent out to carrier and got the tracking number on 8th, this is how the order is processed. And now the order procedure will be more efficient, without holiday the time would be much shorter.

Also, if you check your inbox, you will see that both xTool and Shopify have sent tracking information to you. We have been stayed in touch with you : )

I can totally understand your mood wishing to receive your Laserbox sooner. You can always contact us for any inquiry, no matter it is about your order, tech issues, or after-sale problems, no matter it’s xTool, me here in the forum, or will do. All your inquiry will be replied ASAP(usually within 24 hours) on normal working days.


Thank you @tech_support. I was talking about tracking numbers. Vicky has been really nice and responsive :wink: I’m excited to be part of the laserbox family :slight_smile:


Never received Shopify tracking number but your business department just sent it to me. Thank you again for the help :slight_smile: