Shared project not working on chrome on windows pc


I have finally managed to share a project (camera attached to the wifi block and controlled with a software button) via the neuron app on android and if I open chrome on my phone I can use it but if I open the link in chrome on my PC the control button doesnt work, although it does open the image the camera takes if i hit the control button on my phone.

Am I using it correctly or dont the links work via PC?


Hi doormat_1,

I think I have the same problem. I will ask the support.


Hi tec_support,

Here is my experience and my code made with an iPhone and the application Neuron 1.3.4:
Note : The light of the WIFI block is still flashing.

The project works locally and I managed to successfully upload to the cloud.

When I’m in the Neuron app and clicks the button, the camera takes a picture and I see it in the cloud from my PC.

But when, I’m on a Chrome browser or PC Edge, or Safari on my iPhone, the button does not work. I have the latest version of browsers.

Why does it only work with the Neuron app?


Hi doormat_1 & Crackel,

This is a known problem on the iOT function.
Currently there is no plan to fix it since there may be plan to do a big change on the iOT function.
For the chrome browser, there is a temporarily workaround to solve this problem. Please try the ways below:

  1. Press F12 on the chrome browser.
  2. Then press the button in red mark and see if it works:



Unfortunately, this does not work even with the button in tablet mode.
Conclusion, we have to wait for a new version ???

Can you offer the developer to add a user and password for IOT because security worries me.


Hi Crackel,

Here I tested with the suggested way on Chromebook, it works. Here are my steps, you may try again.

  1. Open the chrome broswer.
  2. Right click on blank space and select “check” .
  3. Click on the toggle device toolbar icon.image
  4. paste the iot link and open it.
  5. Keep the Neuron APP on the mobile devices open. (if the app is running in the background, this won’t work).
  6. Press the control button on Chrome browser. The button works.
    Actually, this way works on safari too (but steps may different). Here I will send two videos to you and doormat_1 via pCloud transfer website.
    If it still doesn’t work, could you take a video to show your operation and the behaves?

For the suggestion of adding a user and password, we have offered to our developers.
Actually, the generated iot link from neuron is unique, it should be safe if not leak.Neuron is mainly used for learning and creating, not suitable for high security demanding IOT applications in every day. For high security demanding IOT application, I am afraid we can’t make it.



I assure you, the projects we create are for fun. However, the images to verify that the application to feed the fish well could be secure. No, my fish is normal and it is not magic but it is a matter of private life.

I will test at the end of the week.


Hi Crackel,

Thanks for sharing your application scenario. The developers will consider the requirement of adding a login account, just currently we can not give a clear answer for the estimated time.Hope you can understand!



these are just suggestions. I will take what you give me and when you will offer me. I like to see the evolution of the product.


Hi tec_support,

I start for the conclusion: Everything is perfect with the bypass method which is not very userfrendly. However, I can wait for the redesign of the IOT.

I plugged in the camera and made the method of comtournement without closing the Neuron application on my IPAD and everything is functional.

However, I was very disappointed that I have to leave the application open.

So, I upload the code in the WIFI block, close the application and do the bypass method. Everything is functional.

That’s what I expected as behavior. An autonomous project et via the Internet.

Well done, just fix this button and the bypass method will not be useful anymore.

Thank you


Hi Crackel,

Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing the conclusion.
Let’s look forward to its updates.